For patient comfort, IPAP/EPAP rounding.
Delay time of 0 - 45 minutes in 5 minute increments (3 - 25 cmH2O range/.5 cmH2O increments). A fixed linear ramp occurs during the last 10 minutes of the chosen delay, IPAP rises until delta is reached and then both IPAP and EPAP rise to final settings.
Analog outputs using optional Analog Breakout Box (ABOB).
Auto On/Off - detects breathing and starts blower, detects mask off and turns blower off.
Mask off alert with Keypad silence (any keypad button).
On-board compliance storage (36 Month) including Epworth, ON/OFF data, Performance Data. This is downloadable using LT software or eCompliance.
Built to meet requirements of HCPCS code Operating Temperature Range
E0470 +5 to +34 degrees C +41 to +93 degrees F
Product Weight Product Width
1.7kg 19.6cm
Product Length/Depth Product Height
26.2cm 10.2cm
Pressure Range Pressure Delay Function
IPAP/EPAP 3-25 cmH2O 0 - 45 min, 5 min. increments
Delay Pressure Pressure Compensation
Adjustable For mask leaks, temperature & altitude variations.
Device Set-Up Operating Temperature Range
On-board set-up. +5 to +34 degrees C +41 to +93 degrees F
Operating Voltage Power Consumption
100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 65 Watts from AC source
HPCS Code Applied Standards
E0470 IEC 801-2 through 5 & CISPRA 11 IEC 601-1 class II Type BF
IEC 601-1/EN60601-1
EMC Directive 89/336/EEC
IEC 801-2 through 5
CISPR 11/EN55011

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