The extra large baby bed that will softly comfort and effectively treat even a full term infant.
The withdrawable baby tray with auto lock facility, offer greater access to infant for delicate procedures.
The externally adjustable head up/down position ensures undisturbed and calm baby chamber environment.
Constant indication and control of air and skin temperature.
The precisely manufactured servo proportional controller maintains pinpoint accuracy of environment and baby temperature.
The L.E.D. bar graph indicates and precious level of heater output at any given time.
The strong stainless steel panel with smooth powder coating ensures maximum durability.
The detachable stainless steel sub assemblies and auto fumigation mode ensures clean sterile ambience in the infant canopy.
The aerodynamic styling of incubator saves space and offers maximum dexterity, to the user
Technical Details
Length : 707 mm (30 Inch) Working level from ground: 950 mm
Breadth: 444 mm (17 Inch) Best environment of operation : 24 to 29° c
Height: 1285 mm (51 Inch) Humidity: 0 to 95% R/H
Weight: 45 kgs Approx Electrical Ratings: 230 VAC +10% 50 Hz
Baby Bed Size:610 x 370 mm (24 x 24 Inch) Heater Wattage: 250 Watts max.
Baby Bed: fabricated Stainless Steel Overall Wttage: 350 Watts when heater,
Tilt: + 8° humidifier
Deluxe Incubator
Forced air circulation with two-way air distributor system.
Change air filter for clean & fresh air.
Large drop down accesses panel with two "oval type nursing ports largely improves your lateral arm movement over the baby Bed.
Detachable Stainless Steel sub-assemblies for easy cleansing & fumigation which includes a) Fan and Heater section b) Air distributors & air circuit path, c) Humidity chamber & water bowl. d) Baby tray deck.
Electronic Temp. Indicator & controller
Aggregate Humidity control through separate booster. Hygrometer provided to indicate relative humidity.
Special Blower facility for air disinfection. Unit mounted on open type trolley with castor's for easy mobility.
ALARM & CUT OFF: 1) Over Temp 2) Sensor Fail. 3) System Fail 4) Refer Manual 5) Check Ambient.
Deluxe Incubators
TMC-Deluxe Incubator
Technical Details:
Length: 749 mm(29.5 Inch) Baby Tray Size: 559mmx305mm x 76 mm
Breadth: 483 mm (19 Inch) Best environment for operation: 24 to 29° C
Height: 1327 mm (52.25 Inch) Electrical ratings: 230 VAC + 10% 50 Hz
Weight: 25 kgs Approx
Portable Incubator
Forced air circulation.
Changeable air filter for clean & fresh air.
Two way air distributor system for equal air temp. In incubator
Hygrometer for Humidity indication.
Fibre glass body, so light weight easy to carry, saves space.
Electronic Temp indicator & controller with 3 level safety circuit.
ALARM CUT OFF: 1) Over Temp. 2) Sensor Fail. 3) System Fail. 4) Refer Manual 5) Check Ambient.
Two nursing ports with front flap.
Baby tray with head low/high facility
Portable Incubators
TMC-Portable Incubator

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