O.T. Light
Technical Specification
Model Jane-24 Dichroic Jane-24 Aluminium Jane-20 Dichroic Jane-20 Aluminium Jane-14 Dichroic Jane-14 Aluminium
Intensity 100000 Lux with 150 w./75000 Lux with 120W bulb 50,000 100000 Lux with 150 w./75000 Lux with 120W bulb 50000 Lux 50000 Lux 25000 Lux 10% +
Bulb 24v-150w or 24v-120w 24v-150w 24v-150w or 120w 24v-150w 24v-100w 24v-100w
Color Temp. 4300K . 4300K . 4300K .
C.R.I. 93 93 93
I.R.Absorption 95% 75% 80%
Temp. Increase At The Head Area 2-3c 2-3c 2-3c 2-3c 2-3c 2-3c
Reflector 18" Dia Dichroic 18"Aluminium 14" Dia Dichroic 14"Aluminium 12" Dia Dichroic 12"Aluminium
Quality Certification ISO-9001 I.E.C. 601 YES YES YES YES YES YES
Dome 24" Fiber 24" Fiber 20" Fiber 20" Fiber 14" Fiber 14" Fiber
Finish White Pearl (Fully oven baked) Do Do Do Do Do
A. Intensity Control Knob on the Dome.
B. Ring Commutators for unrestricted movements.
C. Emergency battery back-up system.
(The Design and Specifications may be changed as per customer’s requirement)
O.T. Table Hydraulic
The Hydraulic Operating Table (Side & Control)
Description/Specification of the Product : The features for Hydraulic Operating Table (Side & Control) include:
A. Lever for Kidney Elevator .
B. Lever for Back Lift .
C. Lever for lateral Tilt .
D. Lever for Tendelenburg and reverse Tendelenburg .
E. Detachable Leg Section .
F. Lever for Floor Locking .
G. Lever for Raising and Lowering Table Top.

Specially designed Electromatic table 'C' Arm Compatible, Orthopaedic-attachment
Description/Specification of the Product : We provide the most suitable and economically designed orthopaedic-attachment which can be easily fitted with any table.Each equipment is thoroughly tested before dispatch. Each table is covered under a warranty period of 12 months.

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