Volumetric Pump
The AFF SentinelTM represents the next generation of medical infusion technology, offering the "all in one" solution by unifying various dedicated-treatment infusion pumps and multi-set capability.
The advanced technology of the AFF SentinelTM allows for its instant recalibration to suit a wide variety of standard IV sets, previously a costly and time-consuming process.
The AFF SentinelTM is designed to function in primary applications that include intensive care units, critical care units, neonatal units, operating procedures, chemotherapy, anesthesiology and pain management and is suitable for home-care use.
Comprehensive integration of various dedicated-treatment infusion pumps
Intuitive default parameters setting
IV line guide mechanism
Ergonomic graphic user interface for incredibly easy use
Superior accuracy and safety features
Multi-language option
Multi-set capability
Internal software upgradeable
Highly cost effective and versatile
Alarm history log
Dedicated adult/infant flow rates
Sturdy construction for lifelong
Large LCD display
Unique clamp mechanism preventing flow when set removed from the pump (optional)
Volumetric Pump
Volumetric Pump
AFF SentinelTM Technical Specifications :
Flow Rate 1-1,200 ml/ hr in 1ml increments (Adult)
0.1-120 ml/ hr in 0.1ml increments (Infant/ MicroInfusion)
Infusion Time 1-99.59 hrs
Accuracy* ±5% using recommended sets
Volume Range 1-9,999 ml in 1 ml increments (Adult)
0.1-999.9 ml in 0.1 ml increments (Infant)
KVO 1 or 5 ml/hr (Adult)
0.1 ml/hr (Infant)
Fast Bolus 1-1,200 ml/ hr, Volume: 1-999 ml (Adult)
1-120 ml/ hr, Volume: 1-99.9 ml (Infant)
Pumping Mechanism Peristaltic
Ultrasonic Air Detector Accumulative: 25-500µl/ 15 min, Adjustable threshold
Upstream Pressure Sensor Adjustable sensitivity
Downstream Pressure Sensor Adjustable sensitivity
Pressure Sensitivity Range 0.2-1.2 bar (downstream)
Door Clamp IV set free flow protection when door opens
IV Set Requirements Suitable for use with Infusion Pump: OD = 3.5-5mm, 55-72 Shore A
Dimensions 120 x 195 x 240 mm
Weight (net) 3.0 Kg (approx.)
Construction Plastic- double insulated
Special Features
KVO (Keep Vein Open) Continues to infuse at a minimal rate to keep the vein open
ABS (Anti Bolus System) Releases pressure due to bolus buildup
Fast Bolus Operator initiated accelerated infusion
Purge Clears IV line of air bubbles
PC Connection RS232 socket enables maintenance and parameters settings using an external PC software interface
Setting Protection Secure settings password protected (for authorized staff only)
Alarm Log Records crucial alarms
Languages Programmable user language interface
RT Clock Displays real time clock
Tube Guide Mechanism Keeping IV set in peristaltic movement
Power Supply Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2 Amp. max.
Battery Rechargeable Ni-Metal Hydride 7.2V 3.7 Ahr
Battery Operation (at 125 ml/hr) ~10 hrs
Memory Backup Battery Lithium CR 1620
* Accuracy is dependent on quality of IV set.
AFF SERIES VOUMETRIC PUMPS Also Available with Following Options: PCA: Patient Control Analgesia, TPN: Total Parenteral Nutrition, Volume Over Time: Automatically Calculates the flow rate according to Infusion Volume & Duration, Second Bag: Enables Dual Bag Infusion with Different Parameters, Anti Free Flow Clamp Mechanism prevents flow when set is removed from the pump in addition to the door clamp, Slected Medicine Display, Remote Alarm Indication: For Alarms when manual intervention is required.

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